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Who may apply for funding from CBCRP?
  1. Any individual or organization in California may submit an application. The research must be conducted primarily in California and the applicant institution and principal investigator must be located in California. We welcome investigators from community organizations, public or privately-owned corporations and other businesses, volunteer health organizations, health maintenance organizations, hospitals, laboratories, research institutions, colleges and universities.
  2. We encourage researchers new to breast cancer to apply. We recommend that applicants who have limited experience in scientific research or in scientific grant-writing collaborate with established breast cancer researchers in order to maximize specificity and impact on breast cancer.
  3. Re-submissions and previously funded PIs: All awards are open to re-submission from any previous grant cycle. Any resubmission for IDEA and Translational Research Awards must go through the LOI process. Previously funded PIs are eligible to apply for new projects with distinct aims from the previous CBCRP grants.
  4. Multiple applications and grant limits: A PI may submit more than one application, but each must have unique specific aims. Each PI is limited to a maximum of two grants either as PI or co-PI, and these must be in different award types. Program Initiative funding is not included in this limit. A PI may have more than one Research Initiative grant in a year.